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A choice of heavy and light duty axial aerofoil fans ranging from 315 to 2000mm, available in direct and belt drive configurations.

 Bifurcated Axial

For high temperature use (up to 200°C) or other industrial applications where the motor should be kept out of the airstream. Sizes range from 300 to 900mm.

 Industrial Ventilation Fan

The most cost effective method of exhausting large volumes of air from industrial and agricultural buildings, available in sizes ∅750, ∅760, ∅1000, ∅1250 & ∅1400mm.

 Plate Axial

Plate mounted axial aerofoil fans available with fibreglass, or hot dip galvanised steel plates with integral bellmouth, in sizes ∅400 to ∅800mm.


Robust and reliable steel propeller fans in sizes ∅300, ∅380, ∅450, ∅600mm.

 Reversible (bi-directional) impellers

Reversible (bi-directional) impellers provide maximum flexibility for multi-directional flow.

 Smoke Venting Fans

Heat treated impellers in Smoke Venting Fans for high temperature smoke venting applications from 315 to 2000mm also available.

 Two-stage Axial Aerofoil Fans

Two-stage Axial Aerofoil Fans offer a wide range of benefits.


 Backward Curved Single and Double Inlet

A range of single and double inlet fans available in light duty and heavy duty constructions for a wide variety of airconditioning and industrial applications.

 Centline Range

The Centline fan incorporates a centrifugal impeller into an in-line configuration and is used where system pressures are relatively high, such as filtered air supply systems.

 Forward Curved Single and Double Inlet

For airconditioning and ventilation installations where low operational noise levels are an important consideration.

 Inlet Vane Control

Energy Saving Variable Inlet Vanes for Fan Volume Control.

 Medium Pressure Industrial (MPI)

Used in medium pressure industrial applications where high efficiencies are required. Can also be used for light pneumatic conveying and high temperature applications (up to 550°C).

 Oven Plug Fans

Oven plug fans for circualting hot air and gasses in industrial ovens, available in direct or belt drive configurations.

 Radial Bladed

These fans are manufactured for rigorous industrial applications and are designed for use where airborne solids are required to pass through the fan.


 CRB Blowers

Widely used in many applications where small volumes and relatively high pressures are required.

 Lateral Channel Blower

Save on running & maintenance costs with Side Channel Blowers

 TRB and TBC Blowers

Versatile range of Centrifugal Blowers

 V Blowers

Designed for use in the textile industry where the blower is required to convey fibres and fluff.

Roof Fans

 Side Discharge

Unobtrusive, low profile fibreglass side discharge roof units can be used as extract or inflow units. The centrifugal impeller option offers high pressures required where, for example, duct runs are long or filters are in use.

 Smoke Venting Roof Fans

Steel vertical jet roof units hot dip galvanised after manufacture and fitted with heat treated impellers

 Vertical Jet

Fibreglass vertical discharge roof units used in applications where noxious fumes are being extracted, e.g. kitchen canopies and paint spraybooths.

Cooling Fans

 Pedestal and wall fans

Pedestal and wall fans

 Portable man cooler

Portable man cooler

Firefighting Fans

 Positive Pressure Ventilator

The "firemans fan". Basic specification for  440mm PPV

Eezi-Vent Portable Ventilators

 Eezi-Vent Portable Ventilators

Designed specifically for ventilation of confined spaces, welding fume exhaust, underground manhole & tank ventilation, equipment and/or personnel cooling, and carpet drying applications.


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